Day Zero

The Story So Far...
Six Months After The Invasion...

There we were held up inside an abandoned civil war bunker. It was I, Billy Coen with my fellow survivors Natasha, Dr. Urvine Graves and Deputy Rainer. Everyone knew we had to get out and make a new life in this world taken over by god knows what. We had taken what little supplies we could carry. I managed to pick up a broken H.A.M Radio. We had emerged from the bunker to what seemed to be the remains of a once beautiful residential town. The bunker was in the backyard of an empty house….or so we thought. My fellow survivors and I went into the house scavenging for the supplies we would need to stay alive. Walking into the the hallway and opening the bedroom door, we were confronted by these creatures that we would now call Zombies. Nobody knew what to expect. Rainer had blown a hole in these creatures sides, but they would just turn around and stare like nothing had happened. Natasha had punched right through one of the creatures heads. They were so lifeless. After we had taken down three of these “Zombies” we proceeded out of the house through the garage.

Looking out on the street we had spotted a car. While searching the car, Rainer had found some old town maps, and Urvine found a pack of smokes to calm his nerves. We all looked over the map and decided to head to the old Sheriffs office to look for guns, ammo and possibly a place to stay for the night. I had managed to take apart the car radio for parts. Looking in the trunk we had found some road flares as well as a little ammo. So we set off to the sheriffs station and on the way there we had spotted some other survivors. There were three of them two males and one female pulling a covered wagon behind them. They seemed like your average people just trying to stay alive. Moving closer to them they had noticed us and had stopped in the middle of the street. Rainer had decided to hide his ass behind a telephone pole in-case things got heated. We had noticed that the woman seemed to be injured. Dr. Graves had beckoned out to them saying “I’m a doctor we mean no harm”. The male had signaled for Graves to come over. Natasha and I were not far behind. It seemed the Doc had made a deal to treat his wife for some ammo in return. As good as a Doctor Graves was he could not help this woman, this cut was something he had never seen, He had tried to pass it off saying she would be fine but they did not believe a word of it. This made the men very angry and scared pulling out their guns and aiming at us. Sensing the danger Rainer had emerged from behind the pole AK-47 in hand. Unfortunately this only made our situation worse. Rainer had told them a few times to drop their weapons and then opened fire upon them only to miss. In doing so one of the men had forced Graves to the ground Tech9 aimed at his head as I yelled “I HAVE FOOD”. Natasha and Rainer had begun shooting and fighting the other man causing a diversion, giving Graves the time he needed to jump and and hold the mans wife hostage with his cleaver. Nobody had known that in the midst of the fight Rainer had been shot. Graves had declared we don’t want any lives to be lost and everybody had agreed this was pointless fighting and we went our separate ways. We had entered the station, it appeared to be empty for the time being. As everyone searched for supplies I had fused a working radio out of the car parts. The group had decided to stay here for the night we would move again at dawn. It was hard to sleep thinking about the past six months but we had to keep hope. These people were my family now. Dawn had finally broke when we had set our sights to the city, believing this would be our best hope for supplies. On our way to the city we had spotted a big black van just sitting there along the road. We approached the van, Natasha used her crowbar to unlock to door. We looked in the back and there she was tied up gagged and hooded in the back of this van. It was the woman we would come to know as Addie. Resting beside her was some gas cans, a welding torch in which I quickly took, ammo and some hand grenades, Rainer quickly untied Addie and she had revealed her past to us saying she heard of this caravan of survivors that she wanted to join up with. She also revealed that on the way some raiders had jumped her and left her here in the van. Addie had the keys to the van which seemed to run. We had agreed to seek out this caravan in the city, so we had all prepared for a long drive. It had been about three hours when I picked up some static on my radio. There were people who needed help at a library not too far from here, we just had to help. We had parked the van around the corner and hid it in a garage not to far from the library. We made our way on foot when we approached some apartment buildings that we were able to get on the roof of. On the roof were some railings and steel in which I formed a bridge out of. The group had crossed roof to roof until we came across the street leading to the last set of buildings. The group went down the fire escape leading into the streets when six of these Zombies came around the corner. We were stunned but we knew we had to run to the other side of the street and fight for our lives. One by one the Zombies had dropped as we ascended the ladder beaten and broke by these monsters. Then we had seen it….no it can’t be ….there were as many as eighty Zombies on just one side of this library. There had to be hundreds of the lifeless beings surrounding the building. There was a man on top of the roof of that building he seemed to be their leader. Urvine had decided to stay behind as we crossed the building next to the library to speak to the man holding the rifle. We tell him we came to help “How many rounds you got left?” we asked. The man replied just one in a hopeless tired voice. We had turned around to tell Urvine it was safe to come over but there they were climbing up the ladder behind the doctor. Zombies, We yelled to the doctor “GET OVER HERE THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING UP THE LADDER”. He quickly ran over to our roof thankfully these creatures are slow and stumble. We told the man gather you people and supplies and meet up on the roof in fifteen minutes we will search downstairs to make sure it is safe to rest and heal our wounds from the battle before. Natasha had decided to stay on the roof while we went to search the building beneath us. As we descended the stairs into the building, we smelled a rank rotting smell. We slowly opened the big steel door to find what looked like a family butcher shop. There were many doors leading out, I had welded what I could to make us safe for the night. As we walked we heard an echo from beneath us. There was a drainage sewer leading into the dark all we knew was it was a way out. It had been fifteen minutes and we had met the others on the roof to camp out for the night. Morning was here and we woke up feeling refreshed. It was time to leave, everybody had piled down the stairs and into the butchery. As we barricaded the last door the bench made a horrid screech attracting the Zombies to our location, we had to move fast. First was Natasha and Graves, followed but the thirteen survivors. Last was Rainer and I. Rainer went down the sewer and I followed behind so I could seal us in. I had to hook my leg around the ladder to weld the grate shut but in doing so, dropped my torch in the raging waters below. We came to a cross in the sewer, tunnels leading in all directions, when we heard it. The sound that would change our lives forever, we had no idea what we were about to encounter. There they were, something we had never seen before, yet they seemed so familiar. Giant rat like creatures with open grotesque jaws and long teeth. They had to be the size of a very large dog, four of them. Two in the front and two in the back, we acted quickly. Natasha was putting her life on the line, taking the blunt force of these creatures. I guess you could say we were all putting it on the line to just get out alive. If it was not for the little guns and ammo we had, we would be these monster’s dinner. A couple of well placed shots from all of us would down these foul beasts. Venturing down the sewer even deeper we would come across various man holes, all locked. We had been traveling for what seemed to be hours, in this nasty foul sludge.

We approached yet another exit, as soon as we got there these creatures came out of nowhere attacking Rainer. He seemed to have seen these things before. They had resembled mutated pill bugs but bigger with large jaws and tentacles coming out of the backside. The fight did not last long, afterward Rainer had told us about his past and how he himself was a mutant because of these creatures. They had attacked his village sucking the life out of all they touched. He has revealed that his flesh can not be exposed in the direct sunlight without setting aflame. Because of this he can see in the dark even if his eyes were cut out. We had come to trust him, so there was no point in fighting him now, he was one of us. Walking deeper I seen something run by just in the corner of my eye but my flashlight was not fast enough for me to catch a glimpse. I had told the others what I had seen. Every time we said a word it was like an echo. We shined our lights in the direction of the echo Then we seen it, some sort of alien creature short, pudgy and had the face of a frog. He would mock every word we would say. After spotting him, he would run away. Rainer had pulled out his AK ready to shoot the innocent creature. We had convinced him not to shoot, we chased the alien down. The alien squeezed its body in between some metal bars. We approached it trying to talk to it for information. Natasha took the doctors pen light to see maybe if it would get the aliens attention. The alien took out a pen light as well and began to shine it back at us. Natasha reached out her arm into the metal bars scaring the alien into pulling what seemed to be a laser pistol of some kind. Thinking he was a threat Rainer had shot and killed this alien. I took the pistol which seemed to be broke and took the pen light. Rob searched the alien and found his wallet with a picture of its family which all looked alike. We moved on and finally made it out of the sewers.

Coming out of the sewer we had parted ways with the survivors. The quiet little girl we had saved went up to Urvine and handed him a slip of paper and whispered something in his ear. Heading back to our van we heard engine noises. Thinking someone had taken our van we quickly ran to the garage where it was being hid. Thankfully it was still there, we all hopped in and headed in the direction of the engine noises. In a matter of seconds we were surrounded by six men on motorcycles all with shotguns. Rainer was driving, I was in the passenger side and everybody else was resting in the back. We had a feeling these men were raiders, we were about to find out…….NEXT WEEK

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